This piece is written for Martin Tchibas Social-Media Music Project: Netzwellen and I am grateful for his invitation and this opportunity.

When I first read the word “Netzwellen” I divided the word into “Net” and “zwellen” (which is Dutch for to swell). Only later on, I realised that in German the word is divided differently. But this translated in the idea of working with growing tension, cresc. and the rising motive.

I used the tonerow of Martin Tchibas piece 010616. My piece opens with a little canon, spelling the row. The canon exposes the way I developed his row into four rising dyads.


Premiere (radio and concert): May 17th 2018, Saarbrücken, Germany.
At the Randfestspiele für Neue Musik: July 7th 2018, Zepernick.

This recording here is part of a whole network of refering pieces. This is only my contribution. However it is recomended to listen to the whole set of pieces. Netzwellen, whole radio broadcast

Premiere recording

Martin Tchiba, piano
May 17th 2018, Saarbrücken, Germany.