Today I entered a work in yet another contest. The 5-minute Piano Concerto Competition, for the Music Biennale Zagreb
Since it is a huge festival and a lot of entries are expected, I do not think I will make it through the finals. And I really do not mind. I had a good time working on old material for a previous contest that I didn’t finish.

This tiny piano concerto is scored for:
Piano solo and an ensemble of single players: oboe, bass clarinet, trumpet, trombone, vibraphone, violin (prepared), cello, and bass.

Program notes

A litany is a prayer, and the plural points to its repetitive nature. Somewhat desperate, frantic, mantra-like.
This works pays tribute to Litanies, a work for organ by Jehan Alain. A melody for trombone recalls a main motive from that work. And in a few places a typical organstop (Nasard 2 2/3’) is mimicked.

Score availble on request.